Monday, February 22, 2010

Weight and watch - let's begin

Ok - it's seriously time to get thin again!!

Current weight - 182lbs
BMI - 24.7 (barely under overweight, but I am)
Goal weight - 165lbs
Agreeable weight - 170lbs

So that means 12lbs to be lost. Going at a very doable pound a week, that'll take 3 months. Which isn't too bad at all!!

Next check - Sunday, February 28th.


Vikram's Betaal said...

hai hai you are a hippo only! no more jalebis for you...haaaan!

Zee said...

i'm reaching a BMI of 23 myself! :( come i shall diet/gym with u...

Arpz said...

have read your blog umpteen times from various links in diff blogs, must tell ya, have become like a huge fan :) love the way you write.