Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's try this position

She wasn't tall per se. Her friends described her as being more "leggy". And she certainly was beautiful - with glistening black skin and that rather unique hourglass tatto0 - even if she was morbidly obese. Well, compared to her lover, at least - who was a timid sort of fellow, unfortunately blessed with a massive libido. But she wasn't always in the mood to copulate ... plus she tended to be rather temperamental, making things even more difficult.

Today seemed a good day. He came to her place, and gingerly approached her. She seemed disinterested at first, but eventually let him mount. A few minutes later, the deed done, he was ready to leave ... when she killed him and ate his body.

Two weeks passed, and 200 young Black Widow spiders came into the world.


Vikram's Betaal said...

oh i do like this one. personal experience?

Zee said...

is this inspired by chintu the bathroom spider?