Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Nurse Jackie

Make me good, God ... but not yet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Faerie Queene

Sleepe after toyle, port after stormie seas,
Ease after warre, death after life, does greatly please.

- Edmund Spenser

Monday, July 13, 2009

Breaking news

July 3rd, 2009

Insufferable bitch on plane dissatisfied with food options. World looks up, blinks, goes back to not caring.

In-flight entertainment

July 3rd, 2009

Ugh - the plane does not have individual screens. And they're showing City of Ember or some such shit. Terrible doesn't even begin to describe it.

I have so much time to kill right now, seeing as how I'm not sleeping; and yet my mind is a complete blank. Well, not a "complete" blank - since I am writing this down. But couldn't this time be used far more productively (is that a word?) in thinking about life decisions? There certainly is more than enough for me to think about!

- How should I bring about the change I keep craving?
- Shall I apply for an MBA this year?
- When and how will I/should I get motivated to diet, exercise, take up French and piano once more?
- What about my plans to not be single by my birthday this year?
- Really, what do I want my career to be?
- Am I too bitchy?
- When will the idea for my latest story take form?
- Where is Waldo?

Ok - perhaps that last one isn't all that important.

This has happened earlier as well. I was driving alone from Cincinnati to Indianapolis to Chicago in Feb'06, and due to an accident (not my own!), was stuck in a traffic jam for about 5 hours. And during that entire time, I had no thoughts!! Well, that sounds strange. Let's just say that the one things I do remember from that time is a sardar family finally not being able to control any longer, and pee-ing on the side of the freeway!

Is that sad? No - not that they were taking care of business, but that I don't think as much as I should. I'm usually busy with stuff, but that's almost always me going with the flow rather than working towards a goal. It's almost like I'm doing stuff to keep myself occupied, rather than me being occupied because I have things to do. Does that sound strange? Perhaps.

I'll be thirty in 18 months. Aren't people usually "settled" by then, or at least know where and how they're going to ... or would like to ... end up?


July 3rd, 2009

From the multitudes of people
To the spotless cleanliness

From the sheer size
To the ease of walking along

From the amazing giant hanging bell made out of Legos
To the hanging display of birds in flight made entirely out of small birds - all of them also in flight

From the beautiful art displays of marshes and nests
To the colorful walls highlighting many achievements in sport and film

From the humongous variety of food options
To the surprisingly delicious sushi (and California roll - hey, I have to stay loyal to my state, after all!)

From the hospitable people
To the inviting locations to park your derriere (I'm witting this while rocking myself on a white wooden chair, overlooking the entire runway)

From the kids' playing area
To the over-crowded wine bar

Can I just say how awesome is Philly airport! It totally gives the feeling of being proud of the city of which it is a part.

Ahoy, you scallywags

July 3rd, 2009

Random air hostess quote: In case you need to store your luggage, there's space in the aft of the aircraft.

Hai Raam - ab toh forever single!

July 3rd, 2009

So I went for a haircut last week. You know, to look all handsome (trivia - what was the real name of the pigeon in MPK? You got it - Handsome!!) for said vacation. Just a trim - nothing major.

And I looked down at the buzzed off hair, and saw - brace yourself, for the shock will be as great for you, dear reader, as it was for me - some strands of white hair!!!! *Insert appropriate cheekh of naahhiiiiiiiii*

Now people who know me may qualify this as me being overly dramatic. With a hurt expression on my face, I shall explain to them that unfortunately, I have taken my hair from my dad's side of the family, which means that I am destined to grow bald, not grey!! And so my shock, horror and disbelief at this double-cruelty (by mama Nature) was wholly justified.

Once I got home, I peered hard into the mirror, this time not even stopping to ask it if I indeed was the fairest of all in the land (my mirror is most honest - it always responds with a yes to said question!!), but thankfully did not see any white. Or for that matter, any balding.

My spirit soared at the thought that the light must have been reflecting in an unnatural manner at the hairdressers', which is what caused me to believe that my jet black hair was actually not so!!

My mood was still great as I went to LA a few days later to pick up my passport. I stayed at Half-O's place, where she used her phone and too this picture of the top of my head:

And single I shall remain.

The enthu to blog

July 3rd, 2009

Here it is again - something that's happened multiple times before. I'm super enthu to blog right now - enough, in fact, to have brought along a copy and actually write all this down (handwriting analysis, anyone?) - yes, how very JK Rowling of me!! - since I didn't want to lug around my laptop.The trip has just started, and I plan to capture every delicious (and bland) moment in words. I'm writing away in the plane -

*Sidenote* WTF happened to my handwriting? I mean I never had "moti jaise akshar" (wait, did this expression come about due to a pet dog that looked like some letter(s) of the alphabet?), but I remember I used to write letters, specially in Chandrapur, and they used to be quite legible. Right now, I am afraid that a lot of this will never be transcribed on to the blog because I won't be able to decipher this garbage!! Obviously, after having used a computer for this long, I type faster than I write, but when I write fast (which is what I'm doing right now to keep up with the thoughts of my "tired" mind), it really is quite fugly. *End sidenote*

- even though I should be catching up on my beauty sleep!! Will this last once I meet up with the absolutely mad group of people I call my friends? Most likely not, but hopefully yes!

London calling

July 3rd, 2009

I'm sitting in the plane, on my way to a trip I have been looking forward to since so long (since some 200 mails and 50+ hours of conference calls, actually), and while my excitement is building up with each passing moment, I cannot believe that I'm already feeling - jetlagged? No, that's not quite right. Tired, I think, would be more appropriate. Shouldn't this be the feeling at the end of the vacay? (Yes, that's short for vacation - I really am quite with it!). But no, the end of the trip does not get me tired, but leaves me instead with an exhaustion that I relish.

But coming back to how I'm currently feeling, I think it's just a residue of severe lack of sleep. I got home at about 8pm last night, was done packing by 10:30 (yes, I'm slow) and went to bed by 11.

11:53 - Piks calls.

Me: Hello (or an appropriate groggy grunt)
Piks: Oh ... you're sleeping?
Me: Yes.
Piks: Why?
Me (thinking): Can someone please kill him?
Me: Coz I have to wake up at 3.
Piks: Oh yeah!!
Me (about to say bye): ...
Piks: Achha listen, we have to change our Barca tickets, since AJ and Pinka are leaving for Scotland early.
Me (mumbling): Okkrrrr ...
Piks: Guess what time? 6am!! It'll be just you and me in London then.
Me (lying): Ok ... I'll wake up and get them changed.
Piks: Right. We should.
Me: Piks - NOW can I call you once I'm up?
Piks: Right right. Didn't want to disturb. See ya.

1:15am - Citicard Fraud Alert Warning!
2am - Sleep broken. Restless?
2:45am - New Flatmate's (NF's) message - I'll be there by 3:45am to drop you.
3am - Alarm.
3:01am - Fuck it. I'm waking up.

See what I mean by severe lack of sleep?

But that isn't even the point of the post! The point is that NF finally arrived at 4am (late as ever!), looking fresh as a frikkin daisy - well, a daisy that's gotten enough sunlight and water and whatever else it needs to look fresh. I've never really written about him, and this is not the time. But it must be said that he is 24, and without an off switch when it comes to partying. I've told him a number of times that I feel terribly old around his Energizer bunny ways!!

He had gone clubbing at about 9pm, and as I found out during the drive to the airport, had hit two clubs downtown, then gone to another one in a different area called PB, and was hanging out at his friend's place after the clubs closed at 2! He was now going to drop me off, and then drive up a 120 miles to LA to go see his family!

Honestly, I was exhausted just listening to him.

So I'm 28 now, and I guess that's why I say I don't have the energy to do all this on a weekly basis (for him, this is a "typical" Friday night), or ever, actually! But why is that? 28 is certainly not too old. As N would like to believe, we're all 18 (you know - 30 being the new 20 and all that ... in my case, is 30 the new 40?). But come to think of it, I've hardly ever partied like this - even when I was 18! Sure, there were instances, but they were quite few and far-between.

I guess I've always been a homeboy. Hopefully though, the vacation will be an excellent chance to change that - at least for the next eight days :)