Sunday, April 5, 2009

An idea is all it takes

Apparently, Spring has sprung.

Or so I was informed by N, after he had returned from his run (aarrghh .. curses!! .. specially when all I have done this weekend is stuff my already rotund self). But what made me actually pay attention was the fact that the run, while being healthy, had also been life-altering. I uttered by usual OMG (something I have been using a lot of lately .. apparently I have regressed to being a tween - perhaps it is now time to get those Miley and Jonas brothers' posters?), and braced myself to hear what should have been a most interesting story. Obviously, since that is what life-altering stories are supposed to be.

Unfortunately, N hadn't received the memo.

Well, I must clarify. While the moment he had had had (the three hads work - read them as they're supposed to be read!!) indeed been epiphanous, the run in itself had not been life-altering per se. But what N was gracious enough to share with me, and which I now share with you, was the fact that there is more to life than "this". I agreed with him whole-heartedly, upon which time followed a discussion on achieving "that", and the plan N had in mind.

Now I shall not get into the plan (mostly because by the time we talked about the modalities of it being put into actual operation, it was concluded that my initial understanding of it was somewhat misguided - which was most likely due to the plan still being thought of in my mind as being life-altering - and what I thought would make N take up Buddhism was actually seen by him to be a week long vacation in Austria and/or Rome), but it would suffice to say that we jointly figured that corporate life and current responsibilities would not allow him (or me, since we both have a tendency to make all mutual talks about our own selves - I was just following protocol, really!) to actually "alter his life".

However, N was in a more buoyant mood than usual (which made him even more endearing, since he is anyways so happy and cheerful <-- customary line put in so that my stay at Hotel A is still comped whenever I visit NYC :-D), and as he munched on some Apple Chips for the very first time in his life, he proposed the idea of doing just that.

No, not of munching on apple chips. But of doing so for the first time in life.

I took an instant liking to this idea, and it was decided that ... hold your breath .. this truly could be life-changing!!! ... both he and I would, from today, start doing at-least one thing every week, which we have never ever done in our life.

Think about this for a minute. It doesn't have to be anything grand. In fact, something as simple as trying out a new food item would do. But by the end of a year (an year?), each of us would have tried out a minimum of 52 new things!! Now folks, if that doesn't add new dimensions to one's life, I don't know what does. See - it already changed my life by giving me some fodder for what is by now an all but abandoned blog.

So we've decided to discuss our one new thing every Sunday evening, which means that you should expect a new post pretty much every Sunday night (oh .. DO control your glee!!). Of course, it is totally possible that N would not like me to write about his personal life on my blog. Which is why I have been reading "Playing to a dummys ego ... for dummies". That should take care of that problem.

By the by, for the few of you who still haunt this joint, feel free to join in and try something new yourself. And while I've never really cared about comments on my posts, it would be nice if you would leave us (N and I ... since this is his idea, after all) a note telling us what you did.

Who knows, it might be something neither of us has tried before!!