Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm not a horrible person .. I think

I'm sorry ... really ... but I just find this too funny, and while I try not to post videos, this one needs to be here so I can find it whenever I want ...

Girlfriend's "meat and potatoes" ass did her in!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Haanji, single

As I was standing behind this senior staff engineer (two levels above me - I'm a senior engineer now .. woohoo!!) in the break room this morning, waiting for him to get done with toasting his breakfast and allowing me to grab a glass for water, he turned slowly around, gave me a (in retrospect) rather creepy half-smile, and asked in a (in retrospect) sultry siren-ish tone - Are you single ?

Now since I was not quite sure whether he was making a pass at me (I was looking quite spiffy in my formal clothes, after all - I had just come back from my high school teaching duties - another story ... another time), or simply making conversation since Americans seem to find silence quite constricting and must fill it with totally inane "polite" remarks, I refrained from giving him a highly contemptuous look and saying "Ughh, you're totally not my type", and instead smiled politely and said, "yes, very very single". Once again, in retrospect, a simple yes should have sufficed .. what if I gave him ideas ?!?!!

He nodded serenely, and went back to spreading cream cheese on his bagel, which thankfully had popped out at the right time. Hoping I did not come across as being interested in his good self, I quickly remarked - "You're married, right?" ... he sigh-ed, ho-hum-ed and nodded. Then turned around once more, and inquired about my age. After learning that I was (a sprightly?) 28, he said - "Enjoy your freedom" ... and walked away, quite ready, I am certain, to make love to his bagel. By eating it. Such a gutter minded readership I have!!

Which now brings me to the point of the post. Why have I heard so many married people use that expression ? Why in the world are you not "free" once you're married and/or committed ? I get the whole ball and chain bit, I really do ... but you're still free, aren't you ? I guess you have to think about someone besides yourself, which hopefully you'd want to. And in any case, single people aren't all that self centered. We still live in and interact with the rest of the world, and we do think and care about our friends and family, sometimes doing stuff we may not want to.

The flatmate and I have noticed on more than one occasion that a lot of married people look so .. dull .. depressed .. when they're in restaurants together. And these aren't even people who seem to have been married a long time .. they're young couples ... silently eating their food, sometimes not exchanging a single word the entire time. Now of course they might be going through some difficult times, or they might have taken a maun-vrat that day, or maybe they speak different languages ... but we've observed this far too often. It's strange to me ... have you already run out of stuff to say to each other in a few years time ? And then having to live with the same person ... presumably forever ?? Wow ... now that would be quite prison-ish!!!